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Welcome to the Four Winds Anglican Mission digital home!

Four Winds Mission is a faith community swimming in the ancient-future stream based in Spring Hill, TN.  We are a part of the Anglican tradition, one of the first Protestant churches with a long history of bridge building between all Christian traditions.

Our service uses ancient forms of worship alongside progressive expressions.  If you have never experienced any form of liturgy it may feel foreign to you.  Between the symbolism, the call and response prayers and the imagery used throughout the service it is impossible to absorb everything in one sitting.  Each week as you return to the service you will begin to sense the rhythm. Our worship is very intentional.  It has purposeful ebbs and flows.  Like a thoughtful poem each element builds upon the next and each layer builds upon deeper layers of meaning.

Liturgy literally means, ‘the work of the people.’  This means that what we do here before God, we do together.  The ultimate goal is to pour ourselves out completely in worship to God that He might once again fill us anew.  As we take this journey we seek to bring a beautiful, truthful and good offering to our God. If you’d like to join us in worship, you can download a PDF of our liturgy by clicking a link on this page.


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