LIFE GROUP – WEDNESDAYS 6pm  (potluck dinner is served most weeks first, followed by study)


1507 N. Nashville Highway (Hwy 31), Suite B, Columbia TN 38401

We are located at the northern edge of Columbia, where commercial development transitions to the town of Spring Hill. Find a map of our location HERE.


Four Winds worship creatively blends the ancient and the future.

We believe worship isn’t something we observe and passively participate in, it’s the outpouring of ourselves completely before God so that He might once again fill us. If anyone is being entertained or moved, it ought to be God.

This posture is not new, it’s ancient. It’s part of an old story stretching from Jerusalem on the Day of Pentecost to today. Over the last 2000 plus years it has made it’s way to Rome and then on to the British Isles, across Ireland as the Celtic people embraced the Gospel, and on to the New World of primitive America. The story of the Gospel lives on in us now and expands as we take our place in this historic expression of faith before God each week.

If you’d like to experience our rhythm of worship, together as a community from wherever you are in the world, please feel free to download our Four Winds Liturgy and follow along with us each Sunday morning at 10:00am Central Time. (Note: there is different liturgy for each season of the Church year.)

You can watch the service online by clicking on the link HERE (not active presently), or visiting our Facebook page in the near future and watching the LIVE service HERE (not active presently).